Is outdated tech holding your business back?

The way in which we use our office networks has radically changed over the past decade. And the pandemic brought about further drastic changes to both usage and requirements.

Ever-increasing demand and the need to offer a range of working options means your office infrastructure needs to evolve in order to meet demand.

Do you suffer from these common tech problems?

You’re mid video call and the internet freezes.

“Hello? Can you hear me?” “You’ve gone quiet!” 

It’s both a familiar and frustrating occurrence for anyone working offices with insufficient infrastructure.

Or worse. You’re in the office, in the middle of an important client call. The screen disappears and you realise your internet has dropped out.

Is there anything worse than a network that goes down when you need it most?

Or maybe you’ve found that since your team is working remotely you are more reliant than ever on uninterrupted internet connection. Whilst you can’t manage their connections, you can do your bit to ensure your office networking infrastructure is as good as it can be.

What could be causing these problems?

It’s most likely that what you’re experiencing is the hallmarks of an outdated office networking infrastructure. Whether it’s wi-fi, hard-wired connections or a mix of both, older systems struggle to cope with the increased usage being demanded of it.

Whilst there are many quick fixes that can offer short-term relief from these problems – until you address the root cause, you’ll continue to encounter them.

The fix? Upgrading your office networking infrastructure. 

Upgrading your office networking infrastructure

Netcom can fit your office with fast, reliable hard-wired networks that take the load off your wi-fi systems. You’ll benefit from improved internet stability, no matter the usage levels. That means no more dropped calls, disrupted video conferences or embarrassing voicemail tennis with clients.

You’ll have a system that improves flexible working, connecting your team and keeping them talking no matter what. Investing in an office networking infrastructure that is built to last will deliver business benefits for years to come.

Hard-wired systems boast faster speeds than traditional wi-fi connections being shared by a whole office. Faster systems mean better productivity, which leads to happier staff and happier customers too.

Minimising disruption to your business

As experienced providers of complete office network infrastructure overhauls we understand the importance of business continuity. We carefully plan projects to minimise disruption and leave your team working faster than ever, on a network that is stable, reliable and hard-wired.

Book a free site appraisal

We’ve helped many companies across Hampshire reinvigorate their office network infrastructure and set themselves up for success.

To book a free site appraisal, simply call the team on 0330 124 8051. One of our qualified and experienced team will be happy to answer any questions and advise the best solution for your needs. 

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