Access control systems for businesses

As experienced installers of superior access control systems in Hampshire, we know a thing of two about what systems are available, the pros and cons of them and how to choose the best access control system for your premises. 

In this article, you’ll learn five key benefits of installing an access control system in your business premises, and common systems you can choose from. 

Four benefits of access control systems for your business

Professionally installed access control systems prevent unwanted people accessing your business premises, but the benefits don’t stop there. In addition to enhancing your business premises security, you will also benefit from:

Site access monitoring

Access control systems allow you to monitor who is accessing your premises, and when. You’ll have records of who’s on and off the premises at any given time – useful for both security and in the event of an emergency. This is equally useful for monitoring staff on the premises at any given time but is also useful if customers use your premises unaccompanied. For example, self-storage facilities, co-working offices and 24-hour gyms. 

Staff tracking

Worried that your staff are arriving late and/or leaving early? 

Or is staff productivity a concern? 

Access control systems help you  know when your staff are coming, going and moving around the premises. 

Restricting access

If you don’t want staff, visitors and customers wandering around unchecked, access control systems make it easy to restrict what parts of the premises people can access. This is useful if, for example, you have specialist areas that require PPE, or areas where machinery is in use. Or when you simply want to ensure people only go where they are allowed!

Managing visitors and deliveries

Access control systems are a convenient solution for managing visitors and deliveries. Intercom systems allow you to identify who needs access and that they are in the correct place before letting them into your premises.

Four types of access control systems for business premises

Keyless entry access control systems

Keyless door entry access control systems offer a secure method to control access to your premises. You remove the need to manage multiple keys, arrange replacements if keys are lost and you don’t need to change locks if keys are lost or you need to stop someone accessing your premises.

Keyless entry systems are a cost-effective, secure option with a variety of keyless solutions including: 

  • Keycard
  • Digital code keypad
  • Smartphone access via an app.

You have the flexibility to programme the system for different levels of access; i.e. for staff and visitors or for different parts of the premises. 

Keyfob entry access control systems

Similar to keyless entry systems, key fobs are a cost-effective alternative to managing traditional keys as well as offering greater security and complete ease should you need to stop someone accessing your premises. Unlike traditional keys, it’s difficult for key fobs to be cloned. 

  • Added advantages of these access control systems include:
  • Staff attendance and time tracking
  • Staff location within the building 
  • Restricted access to high risk areas
  • Permanent or temporary access
  • Access prevention

Audio intercom access control systems

Audio intercom access control systems are the perfect solution if you don’t have dedicated reception staff, need to facilitate remote access or have large premises with multiple points of entry. These systems are commonplace due to the ease with which they can be installed. 

These systems are often connected to the site phone system and can then be routed to different staff members as necessary. 

Video intercom access control systems

These systems are similar to audio intercom access control systems with the added benefit of a video feed that allows you to see visitors before they gain entry. The cameras used in modern systems offer high-quality video feeds ensuring image clarity and supporting the security of your premises. 

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