Whether you, or the kids, were the lucky recipient of new tech this Christmas; you’re planning to treat yourself to a new home entertainment system in the January sales; or have Sky Glass on your wish list for 2022, one thing’s for sure…Nothing disrupts family harmony faster than glitchy home tech. 

Every year, from late December through into the January sales, the Netcom team sees an increase in demand from customers all seeking to achieve the holy grail. Home tech that ‘just works’ as it should. 

Here are three ways we can help you resolve glitchy home tech troubles. 

Boost your broadband capacity

More and more devices are designed to operate using your home wifi network. Just a couple of years ago, your wifi usage may have been reserved for the obvious tech items including computers, tablets and phones. But the explosion in popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) means that everything from home security systems, your car and even your coffee machine can be connected to the wifi and operated from your phone!

Whilst nobody can argue that this is incredibly convenient, the gradual increase of devices connected to your wifi will, in turn, be gradually eating into the capacity of your home wifi network until it eventually grinds to a halt. Think of your wifi like a motorway – the heavier the traffic, the slower it all moves. 

But there is good news. Strategically placed network points and signal boosters can help. 

If you find that some areas of your home suffer from an unreliable wifi signal, the installation of booster systems will increase the stability of your wifi signal the further you get from the main wifi hub in your home. However, this won’t address the problem of too much traffic on your wifi network. To do this you need to consider wired network points.

Wired network points allow you to remove traffic from strategic points around your home. For example, items like Smart TVs, Sky boxes and other TV streaming boxes are probably static (you don’t move them around your home) which means they are prime candidates to be connected to your home broadband using a wired connection instead. The same applies to desktop computers and even laptops that are predominantly used in one place. 

To get an idea of how much traffic you could divert from your wifi network, carry out an audit of your home to identify;

How many devices you have connected to your wifi network.

How many of those devices are in a ‘permanent’ location or are only moved occasionally.

Is it difficult to install wired network points at home?

The short answer is no – not usually. It is often possible to install wired network points to strategic points quickly and  with minimum mess or disruption. However, every home is different so get in touch with us to arrange a complimentary site assessment where one of our skilled engineers will advise you of the best way to install a wired network for your home.

Wall mounting your home entertainment systems

If you’ve treated yourself to a new home entertainment system, why not maximise your viewing and listening experience by having it professionally installed? 

Of course, you can probably get the system out of the box and set it up with the help of the in-box instructions and maybe some additional support from Google if you get stuck! But what about securely wall mounting your system, taking care of the cable management, or the finer points of the technical set up? 

When you book Netcom to install your new home entertainment TV, sound or cinema system, our service includes the use of high quality wall mounting brackets, premium TV/AV cables and all ancillary items that ensure you will experience the best sound and picture quality possible whilst being confident that your system is safely and securely mounted for you and your family to use. Our engineers are able to recommend specialist solutions for example to avoid unsightly, trailing wires or to accommodate additional items such as your sky box or games system.

Sky Glass

Sky Glass is the latest offering from Sky and combines your satellite receiver box, sound system and TV into one device – you don’t even need a Sky dish! However, with a system that is wholly reliant on streaming your viewing services, a high speed, stable internet connection is a must. 

As experienced installers of Sky systems, including Sky Glass, the Netcom team can complete the installation and set up of your new system including the provision of a wired internet connection point where necessary. 

For more advice about improving your home TV, gaming or streaming experience, or to book an appointment for an engineer to visit, please call 0330 124 8051 or email sales@netcom.ltd.uk

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