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Cries of “The internet’s stopped” are enough to strike fear into the heart of most parents!

The fact is, streaming and internet-based gaming are commonplace in most family homes. Add the additional wi-fi requirements of smart home technology, home workers and even our beloved Alexa’s and co, and your wi-fi system can struggle to cope!

It doesn’t have to be that way. You’ll be pleased to know that installing a home network will provide flawless internet access throughout your home.

Through the use of hardwired ethernet ports, you’ll relieve much of the strain from your overloaded wi-fi system and enjoy the highest possible speeds to your PCs, Smart TVs and games consoles.

Our networking experts design, supply, and install the necessary equipment to provide a system that best suits your needs. Your wi-fi network can also be upgraded tackling any current black-spots and ensuring your wireless devices like tablets, phones, and smart home devices work quickly and reliably throughout your property.

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