What to do if you have a weak TV signal

  • Is the picture of your TV fuzzy?
  • Is your Freeview picture pixelated?
  • Do you struggle to get a good TV picture on all the TVs in your home?
    Does your TV display a ‘weak signal’ or ‘no signal’ message?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you are likely to have a problem with your TV aerial or one of the components of the aerial system, or you could be experiencing interference with your TV signal reception. 

But how do you know if you can fix the fault yourself, or whether you should just call in a professional?

Here are two key factors to consider if you need to improve your TV signal reception.

Start by checking your aerial 

There can be a number of potential problems that could result in a poor signal from your TV aerial. These include:


Ideally, your aerial should be positioned as high as possible on your property. In most cases that means outside on the roof. Aerials can, and often are, located in the loft space although this can sometimes result in a weaker signal. 


As mentioned above, locating your aerial at the highest point on your property may mean that you need to install it on your chimney stack. If your aerial is currently positioned lower than that and you are experiencing a poor signal then it could be worth considering relocating it. Of course, working at height can be dangerous and is one important reason you might choose to enlist a specialist company like Netcom instead of doing it yourself. 


You need to consider the direction your aerial is facing as it needs to receive the signal from the nearest transmitter. You might even be able to see the transmitter from the roof of your property. 

Use quality cables and beware of splitters

The quality of the components within your aerial system may also be playing a part in the quality of the TV signal you receive. For example, if you are running several TVs off of single aerial by using passive splitters to redirect the signal, you will weaken the signal each time it is split. The impact this will have on your TV reception will depend to a large extent on your area and how many TVs are sharing the signal but there are better ways of serving several TVs from one aerial which won’t dilute the signal. 

Similarly, if you are using poor quality coaxial cables from your aerial, the signal is at risk of deterioration. The same applies to the quality of the aerial wall plate and the aerial cable that connects your TV to the main aerial. 

At Netcom we recommend that you use high-quality components throughout your aerial system in order to preserve the signal and deliver the best quality viewing experience. 

When to seek professional advice

If on checking any of the above points you identify potential problems, or you have checked all of these points and none apply yet your TV signal is weak, it’s time to call in your local experts at Netcom. 

We’ve been fixing TV signal problems for decades and there’s always a solution!

Our experienced installers have the tools, equipment and components needed to identify and resolve TV signal problems in your property. 

If for any reason, the TV reception cannot be fixed we can advise on the best alternative solutions to suit your viewing needs and your budget.

We also know what it’s like when the family is complaining they can’t watch their favourite programmes which is why we strive to offer an appointment within 48 hours. 

For more advice, or to book an appointment for an engineer to visit, please call 0330 124 8051 or email us.

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