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It’s a wireless world and you need reliable solutions that can adapt, when your needs change. Netcom create those solutions, so you don’t need to give them a second thought. Whether you need a digital aerial, satellite tv, home CCTV and security or a fast reliable internet connection across your home, Netcom is your one stop shop for a fast, expert and reliable service, delivered by our friendly and experienced team.


Do you need fast internet access in your home?

We promise you domestic networks that won’t run slow when your family are all online on different devices or in different rooms.

Do you need digital and satellite TV services to keep the family happy?

We can get you setup to watch your favourite shows in no time.

Do you want to feel safe and secure in your home?

We install the latest CCTV and home alarm systems so you can even be in, when you’re out!

Do you want sleek, modern home entertainment systems without unsightly wires and sockets?

We'll design you a bespoke solution to maximise your space and enhance your home viewing experience.


Digital TV Aerials

If you’re fed up with the increasing cost of subscription TV, a digital aerial offers the ideal alternative. With Freeview you can access more than 160 TV and radio channels, completely free. What’s more you can choose where in the property you want the aerial points, so the family don’t all have to watch the same thing at the same time. Imagine never hearing another argument about whose turn it is to choose the channel! Our expert installation team will always recommend the best equipment to meet your needs – not the system that gives us the biggest profit! All our systems are compatible with a range of Freeview TVs and receivers. Have you got an existing aerial in need of repair, or are you struggling to get a reliable signal?

"Paul was recommended to me and I called him speculatively at short notice. He came to do the job promptly and sorted the problem quickly with no fuss. His charge was very reasonable. Would certainly recommend him to others."

Satellite TV Systems

Do you ever wish you could watch satellite TV in any room in your home? Whether it’s Freesat, Sky or foreign satellite services, having your system installed to your specification is our speciality – even in locations where Sky engineers may have refused to install your dish – like your loft space! If you already have a dish, such as from a former Sky subscription, you may not even need to purchase a new dish. We’ll take care of the cabling and sort out your connectivity using your existing dish. If you are having a system installed to allow you to view foreign satellite, it’s important to remember that you may need a slightly larger dish. There’s no need for you to worry about the technical specification though. We have installed systems allowing customers to view channels from across Europe and further afield. Just let us know what you want to view, and we’ll match you to the best system. If you live in an area with poor broadband coverage satellite broadband offers the perfect solution for you. As the name suggests it is delivered vis your dish, requires no phone line and UK coverage is almost 100%. For added peace of mind, you will benefit from a minimum 12 month guarantee on all systems as well as our superior level of customer care at all times.

"100% positive experience. From initial enquiry through to completion Netcom were honest, courteous, timely and professional. Potential additional aerial booster was suggested at the start however Paul checked the system with the new aerial and confirmed the booster was not necessary, saving potential additional cost. Very pleased with the service and would not hesitate to recommend."

TV wall mounting / Home Entertainment

Whether you want to make better use of existing space or dream of creating a luxurious cinema experience in your own home, wall mounting your television is a great decision. With the right design you will get a great view from anywhere in the room without the need to worry about unsightly cables and difficult to access plug sockets or extension leads. Because your home is unique our design team take the time to understand what you need before creating the optimum solution for you. Whether your TV is fairly standard or super-sized the installation will be carried out using high quality parts giving you confidence that it will continue it look great for years to come.

"My aunty was so pleased, and said the gentleman that did the job, were really friendly and kind, she felt safe and was really happy that they set the TV up and tuned it in. Really happy. Thank you for taking so much care."

CCTV & Security Alarms

Your home is your castle and you want to do all you can to make sure you, your family and your belongings are safe. If the recent rise in thefts and burglaries has made you feel vulnerable, CCTV systems give you peace of mind that your home is protected even when you aren’t at home. Unlike the many DIY systems available, the systems we fit are reliable and high quality with 1080p HD and night vision as standard. You can view the system from anywhere in the world and the smart recorders will record for 30 days in case you need to look back on footage for any reason.

"On time, professional, friendly, tidy, perfect score, excellent and happy to recommend"

Domestic Networking

In an increasingly wireless world is there anything more frustrating that your internet grinding to a halt? Cries of “The internet’s stopped” are enough to strike fear into the heart of most parents! The fact is, streaming and internet based gaming is commonplace in most family homes. Add the extra Wi-Fi requirements of smart home technology, home workers and even our beloved Alexa’s and co, and your Wi-Fi system will struggle to cope! Unlike the many DIY systems available, the systems we fit are reliable and high quality with 1080p HD and night vision as standard. You can view the system from anywhere in the world and the smart recorders will record for 30 days in case you need to look back on footage for any reason. It doesn’t have to be that way. You’ll be pleased to know that installing home network will provide flawless internet access throughout your home. Through the use of hardwired ethernet ports you’ll relieve much of the strain from your overloaded Wi-Fi system and enjoy the highest possible speeds to your PCs, Smart TVs and games consoles. Our networking experts design, supply and install the necessary equipment to provide a system that best suits your needs. Your Wi-Fi network can also be upgraded tackling any current black-spots and ensuring your wireless devices like tablets, phones and smart home devices work quickly and reliably throughout your property.

Polite, friendly. Managed to help in a time of need when the dog pulled the wires out of the socket! They came and fixed within 5minutes and even tidied the existing wires up. Great service! Thank you!