In this article we look at the question, Does my business need a wired network? And consider how good cable management will increase your business’ productivity.

Let’s start by explaining what a wired network is.

What is a wired network? 

Over the years we have quickly become accustomed to, and even expect, WiFi wherever we go. However, whilst WiFi is undeniably convenient, it’s not always the best means of accessing the internet.

A wired network requires a structured network of data cables throughout your premises with a number of access points that you use to plug into the network in order to get online. These access points look like telephone sockets and you connect your computer equipment to them using data cables. This creates your wired network. 

What are the benefits of a wired network?

There are many benefits to using a wired network and they all improve the internet connection for your business, staff, customers or guests. 

Through the use of switches, hubs and Ethernet cables, a wired network gives your workplace more stable and reliable internet. What’s more, the use of a wired network means that your internet signal will not be affected by environmental factors, for example, other devices that might cause interference. 

Similarly, if your workspace has internal walls or is located on a number of different floors, a wired network enables you to have reliable internet access everywhere – no more dead spots!

In addition to a more reliable internet service, most business owners (and their staff) demand high speed. Whilst WiFi systems are improving all the time, it’s rare to find a business WiFi system that can offer the same speeds as a wired network.

Poor internet speed will result in unstable connections, in turn affecting the software you use to run your business and the quality of online services like video conferencing – something that is integral to most businesses these days.

In an age when cyber crime is a very real threat to all businesses, and data breaches put you at risk of sizable financial and reputational penalties, security is an important consideration. 

The correct configuration of a wired network offers a more secure service and wil help protect your business from online attacks.

Is a wired network expensive?

The honest answer is, it depends. However, it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank. 

You will need to pay for the installation, the cost of which will be dependent on the premises and the complexity of the network you need. You will also need to factor in the cost of the necessary hardware. However, this is often a more cost effective solution than trying to run your business on an unreliable, slow or patchy network – and will certainly make your staff happier!

Does a wired network mean my staff can only work in one place?

The short answer is no.  

When you are planning your wired network, choose an installation company that will advise or even carry out the design for you. At Netcom we seek to understand how you use your premises in real life and then provide a design to enable that to happen. 

That means that if your staff need to move desks, or use their computer in a meeting room for example, there are access points in convenient locations. They simply unplug from one location and plug in somewhere else. 

Alternatively, some businesses choose to install a wired network as well as a WiFi  network to give the ultimate flexibility and make it easy for guests or visitors to get online when on your premises.  

Does a wired network expensive mean cables everywhere?

Again, no. In fact, if installed by a competent engineer, your wired network will be very tidy due to carefully planned cable management. 

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