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Do I really need a digital aerial?

If your television picture is patchy or you are struggling to access channels in bad weather, you may already be considering upgrading to a digital aerial. However some people assume that having a smart TV, and having access to streaming services such as BBC iPlayer or 4OD means that their system is complete and that they do not need an aerial at all. While this may work for some, streaming your TV content this way will mean you are limited to services provided through an internet connection.  It may be that you have realised this, and invested in an expensive monthly TV subscription, which as I’m sure you know, increases in cost all the time! The good news, there is another way. Why not upgrade to a digital aerial and unlock the power of Freeview? With Freeview, you can access more than 160 TV and radio channels, completely free. What’s more, you can choose where in the property you want the aerial points, so the family doesn’t have to watch the same thing simultaneously. If you are currently struggling to access Freeview, that is likely a sign you don’t have an aerial and need to have one aerial installed. If you already have an aerial in place but are struggling with the picture or reception it may be a repair or upgrade that you need. Repairs, alterations and upgrades to television aerials must be carried out

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Wall mounting a TV, is it worth it?

With nearly 27 million TV-owning households in the UK, watching an average of 5 hours of TV a day, there’s little doubt that we love our TVs.  But for many people, their beautiful flat screen is sitting on a table or stand in the living room or bedroom.  If your one-inch wide flatscreen TV is sitting on an 18-inch wide table or stand, you’re wasting a lot of your precious living space. In a bedroom or small office, where space is at a premium, a TV wall mount may be the only thing that makes a flatscreen TV a viable option. There are several other reasons why wall mounting your TV would make a lot more sense. It can help reduce screen glare from lights and windows. Choosing a wall mount with both side-to-side and titling allows you to optimally position your TV to reduce reflections from lights and windows. And as light changes throughout the day, simply adjust the TV angle. It looks great! Mounting your flatscreen TV to the wall will give your home a more clean and modern look. Plus, there are a number of options for reducing your cable clutter that will also give a cleaner, less cluttered look to your room. It can improve safety. TV tip-overs can be a serious risk in your home, especially if you have small children or pets.  

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